Al Kabeer Turkish Chicken Kebabs 360g|كباب الدجاج التركي

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Perfectly seasoned kebabs, cooked till juicy and dripping with flavor. Serve them over a salad, as a lettuce wrap, or cocooned in warm pita bread dressed up with hummus, red wine vinaigrette and a cucumber tomato salad.


Chicken Meat, Spices & Condiments, Herbs (Mint, Celery, Chives), Garlic, Onion, Iodised Salt, Lactose, Water, Milk Solids, Wheat Fiber, Rusk, Water Retention Agent E451(i), Cornstarch, Yeast Extract Powder, Carrageenan (INS-407), Thickener INS-412, Thickener INS-415, Lactose, Mushroom (Allergen), Isolated Soy Protein (Allergen).